Rennes French label (1992-1997)
Created by Stephane Robert, redactor of the Groovy eyes fanzine, and the Groovy eyes mail order list.
Foreign releases
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Di702Di702verso DI702 : A Bones 7“ (1993)
Questions I can't answer/Mark of the squealer

Great  rock rock'nroll punk from New-York.
Including Myriam Lina, ex Cramps, and owner of Norton records !

The B side is a cool instru with lot of sax and country surf guitar.
See their Myspace

Listen to "Questions..."

DI704di704verso DI704  : Monomen 7“ (1993)
See my soul/As for tomorrow

Garage punk form USA. Leader of the band owner of Estrus Records.
See their Myspace
worstlp002worstlp002verso DILP002 : The Worst (1993)

Good classic garage 60's influenced rock lp by this canadian band.

A1 Sleepy town
A2 The Dt's
A3 Little whitelies
A4 Stop wasting my time
A5 Telling you true
A6 Afraid of the dark
A7 Get that thing
B1 Heretic
B2 Can't stand this love
B3 Your love tonight
B4 I don't want you
B5 Gonna change your mind
B6 Lucky guy
B7 Set me free

Listen to "Stop wasting my time"

di706di706verso DI706 : The Windowpaynes (1995)

A1 Off the deep end/Legalize Marijuana
B1 : In the wind

Garage psych lysergic from  Harrisburg, PA, USA.
Automatic rhythms, organ sound, and
Thirteeen floor's kindalike voice !
Read a cool interview of Billy Synth on Attacking the beat blog.

Listen to "Off the deep end" :
di707di707verso DI707 : The Mourning after (1995)

Don't know my name/It's for real

Great Uk garage freak with fuzz and farfiza.
The band is still playing and recording in 2010 !!
See their Myspace

Listen to "It's for real" :

Feendslp101Feends lp101verso DILP102 : The Feends 10“ (1996)

Good Pop punk lp by an australian band.
Note that this 10“ has at least 2 ps # : green or red.
See their Myspace

A1 Only Loved One Fish Before
A2 Ghost Train
A3 Ahead of You
A4 Got It
B1 No More
B2 Hello Girl
B3 Giant Ant

Shakeappeallp103 DILP103 : Shake Appeal "Babefake" 10“ (1997)

Garage punk à la Stooges from Denmark. Now defunct.
See some infos on Grunnenrocks

   1. Superdrive
   2. Babefake
   3. Nine Pound Bummer
   4. Just Head (Nervous Eaters)
   5. Crash
   6. Fatso
   7. Bend Over
   8. Ain't Got Much

MITClp012MITClabel DILP012 : Murder in the cathedrale  (1997)

Surely the rarest lp by Dig, and the last release.
Noted on label : DIG! adelic Records

This is the vinyl edition of a great hard psych lp by a french band from Vire, east french britania. Limited edition, as usual. (Surely 240 copies, as the Greenfish's one)
See their web site

1 No one
2 (He reads) future in the past
3 Before the murder
4 And the preachers made love just to prove there is no god
5 Sad story
6 Echo
7 I'm gonna die today
4 Expo 1994 (We keep the control of your mind)
About Dig !
Some references were awaited in 1996 : Spider babies 7“, Electric Nubians 7“  (never issued)
And  some projected for 1997  :  the Hellacopters 10“ live , the Temporal sluts 10“ live,    Highrollers's lp (never issued)

In 1997, Stephane had big problems with the tcheckoslovakian pressing plant, who lost some DATs,  refused him the usual advances before pressings., and kept recordings by its side. (...) This was the debut of a long descent in hell. In consequence, Stephane had to sell his own collection, and began to become more and more late on the foreseen releases, before give up.
In 1999, the end of DIG ! Records was signed.
Ps : As many little labels at that time (and that is always the case for many ?), it was amateurish, and made only withpassion, and some little money investments. When it has to be done, was done.. when not... it wasn't.
And I know what i'm talking about, as my own band the Out Four might have got an ep on Dig !
(So, this explains the Dig ! label appeared on the record, even if not produced by Stephane.)
Anyway : Respect !

Sources : personnal archives and correspondances with Stephane R.

Copyright note :
I assume I haven't the rights on the recordings proposed above, and they are here only in an information purpose.
I thank in advance all the bands implicated.
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