The "garage" tapes (1990 - 1997) :
very rare, unissued and wild recordings from the vaults

(Plus quelques infos rien que pour les vrais fans)

répète collège 1
Enregistrement au collège, 1996

Ecouter :

Pop era
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Show me (West rehearsal 20/05/1991)

Old days underground (idem)

Good Mary

The Brain that hurts you

Beware of darkness

Pop instrumental impro (

Bring it on home to me (Sam Cook) (idem)

70's era

Around and around (Berry)
(West rehearsals 1994)

Impro R'n'blues à l'harmonica
(West rehearsals 06/03/1993)

Out four era

Tonton's theme
(aka Kaiser)

(a sort of rendition of "Tonton flingueur"'s movie soundtrack, with a Kaisers perfume in it) (Out Four rehearsal 1996) 

Say your prayers
(Prisoners classic, # version than the 1993's demo/ with Hammond) (Out Four rehearsal 18/01/1996)

(More to come...d'avantage à venir...)


Les premières K7 démo :

1ère démo  K7 " West of the fields" (08/05/1991, sans titre; hors commerce et non distribuée.)
Enregistrée sur une bande vidéo par Claude Planche dans le garage de Michel et Marie Dupuis à  Ambierle.

Good Mary, Show me, No projects, Old days underground, Have mercy (Red devils), Don't care what they tell, Beware of darkness, The brain that hurts you, Sometimes I feel so sad, Hanging on the telephone (Nerves)

West piper 1990
photo : DR

Flying pavements (07/1992) (envoyée içi et là)
Enregistrée par le groupe avec Denis Balgaite sur 2x2 pistes dans le même garage à Ambierle.

You can look, 50 days, The letter don't come, Old days underground, No time to live

Vol.2 (06/1993) (idem)
Enregistrée dans les mêmes conditions mais au Collège  A. Schweitzer

Babel home, Good thing searchin, The year I left behind, Caught into the mesh, Empty heart (Nanker/phelge)

West saut

Lorsque les jeunes West  se prenaient (encore ?) pour les Beatles (Ambierle, automne 1990)
(© DR : C Planche ?)

répète 2répète 3
Les covers dans le répertoire live des West/Out four

Paint it black (Rolling stones)
Fire (Hendrix)
Bad boy (Larry Williams/Beatles)
Crazy Googenheimer blues (Chris Bailey)
Bring it on home to me (Sam Cooke)

Hanging on the telephone (Nerves)

Pristine christine (Sea urchins)   
Sensitive (Filed mice)
Winter (Pop guns)
There she goes (The Las)
Things get better (Fixed up)
Inside out (Miracle workers)
Have mercy (Red devils)
Le responsable (Dutronc)
Off the hook (Rolling stones)
Under assistant west coast promo man (Rolling stones)
Shake 69 (Shadows of knight)
Shake (Sam Cooke)
Riot on sunset trip (Standells)
By the rule (We the people)
Potato chip (Shadows of knight)
Don't look back (Remains)
I just want to make love to you (Muddy Waters/Rolling stones)
Get the picture (PrettyThings)
Empty heart (Kenney & the casuals)
You can't win (Kinks)
Keep your big mouth shut (Pretty things)
It's all over now (Rolling stones)
Lonely week-end (C. Rich/Remains)
Hi hi pretty girl (The Creeps)
Say your prayers (Prisoners)
Whenever I'm gone (Prisoners)
You can't stand alone (Wilson Pickett)
Keep looking (Artwoods)
I just need somebody (Bogeymen)


Retour West of The Fields